Establish Funding Sources

Programs are required to have a minimum starting budget of $40,000, 25 percent of which can be in-kind gifts such as staff, printing and materials, possibly telephone, travel, postage and other operating expenses. Compeer encourages a minimum staff of at least 19 hours part-time initially. Plans for full-time staff should be in place for a program to grow and develop.

Funding sources can include foundations; civic, corporate, churches and private contributors; United Way contributions; community support programs/services; fund-raising events; a sponsoring agency; and government agencies. Most importantly, program survival depends upon a diversified funding base.

Some groups may decide to form their own non-profit corporation to make Compeer an independent agency. Others are sponsored by mental health associations, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, transitional living facilities, coalitions of churches, or chapters of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

There are advantages to both options:
  • Operating independently may provide less restriction concerning visibility and fund-raising efforts.
  • A sponsoring agency may offer financial security, and/or in-kind services such as a training room, support staff, telephone, postage, and office space.

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