Submit a Proposal to Compeer

Your advisory committee can help develop the proposal. Compeer Inc. staff can provide guidance, information and support which it has compiled from years of experience. To ensure quality programs, Compeer requires that all proposals include the following:
  • Cover letter of intent stating why you/your organization wants to begin a Compeer program
  • Sponsor agency name, address, telephone and executive director (if applicable)
  • The name, title and telephone number of a contact person for the proposed Compeer location
  • Copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) (if available)
  • Needs assessment, description of problem or need in area
  • The site address of the Compeer program, geographic area to be served, population numbers in that area
  • Program services to be provided, e.g. adult 1:1
  • List of outreach / referral sources
  • Describe recruitment plan
  • Methods that will be in place for monitoring/evaluating the effectiveness of your program
  • List funding sources and description of plans for future funding
  • 3-year strategic plan with goals and measurable objectives to attain goals
  • Budget of itemized revenues to sustain program for 3 years, itemized expenditures (including insurance - coverage in property, crime, general liability, professional liability, auto and directors and officers)
    • Programs are required to have a minimum yearly starting budget of $40,000.00
    • 25% can be in-kind gifts, e.g. staff, printing, materials, telephone, travel, postage and other operating expenses
    • Compeer part-time staff works a minimum of 19 hours per week
    • Plan for full-time staff should be developed and implemented to provide the resources for program growth and quality services
  • Authorized agent signature and title
  • Two letters of support from funders/non-profit organizations/local government stating their willingness to support a Compeer program in your community.

Contact Compeer for more information

Setting up a Compeer program in your area is easy, and Compeer will help you get started.