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How to Start a Compeer Program

Compeer provides friendship to people all over the world living with mental health challenges. Research shows that symptoms such as depression and anxiety decrease when people who feel socially isolated are able to increase their social connections. Our programs are based on the belief that sometimes one friend can have a positive impact on a person’s life. As you consider launching a Compeer affiliate program in your community, the simplicity and intuitiveness of this approach is evident. Please read on for testimonials from some of our affiliates on the significance of the Compeer model on individuals and their communities.
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Words from our Affiliates

Compeer affiliates share what it means to them and their communities to be part of Compeer International and to use the evidence-based Compeer model:

Next steps to establish an affiliate in your area

    • The process of becoming an affiliate
    • How to research community-based mental health organizations in your area for assistance in defining community need
    • How to identify areas in your community with the greatest need for Compeer
    • How to identify potential stakeholders and form a task force to launch Compeer’s accredited, evidence-based program