It's a walk in the park.

Our Mission

Compeer Inc. develops, delivers and supports model programs that inspire and engage communities through the power of volunteer. Friends and mentors of our Compeer affiliate programs improve the quality of life for adults, children, and families who strive for good mental health.

Compeer Inc. provides supportive leadership to its community-based Compeer programs throughout the United States, Australia, and Canada. 

The objectives of Compeer Inc. are to support our affiliate programs through program expertise, branding, and marketing communication and to grow our current base of programs, by providing a cost effective solution to communities.

Compeer Inc. serves and supports our affiliate programs with program start-up training and best practice management, timely news and information; research, data and statistics, volunteer recruitment strategies, regional and national conferences, and web-conference educational series.

Through our time-tested model and evidence based practices of supportive friendship and mentoring, Compeer Inc. creates programs to meet the diverse needs of communities that want to improve and positively impact the lives of individuals and families living with mental health challenges.

Compeer Inc.'s community based programs serve adults, veterans and their families, youth (youth in-transition, mentoring children of prisoners, youth at risk) and the elderly with volunteer mentoring and supportive friendship programs. Our programs' are measured annually and our outcomes are consistently proven effective year after year through positive survey results on individuals' improved self esteem, and reintegration into family, home, faith and community and increased likelihood of employment; over all quality of life.

50+ Compeer affiliate locations

Compeer Inc. staff members provide training, consultation and administrative support to the affiliates. Compeer affiliates maintain autonomy over their individual operations, programs, resources and funding.

Compeer’s New York State Region

serves as the liaison to Compeerlocations in the Empire State.

Pennsylvania Compeer Coalition

an affiliation of the 9 Pennsylvania Compeer programs that support each others.

Compeer Rochester

the agency’s first location, serves 700+ children and adults withmental illness in Rochester, N.Y.